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 Formulary Chapter 21: Palliative Care Formulary - Full Section

APRIL 2020 BSW End of life COVID palliative care guidance EOL COVID prescription support v5 Note this contains options that may be suitable to use in EoL patients with swallowing difficulties and where syringe drivers may be unavailable.

NICE NG163 - COVID-19 rapid guideline: managing symptoms (including at the end of life) in the community

The Wessex Palliative Care handbook contains guidance to help GPs, community nurses and hospital staff as well as specialist palliative care teams. It aims to provide a checklist for the management of common problems in palliative care, with some information on drug treatment. It is not a comprehensive textbook. The Palliative Care Handbook: A Good Practice Guide Wessex Palliative Physicians Ninth Edition 2019 

For contact details of hospices and emergency drug lists and pharmacies participating across Bath, Swindon and Wiltshire scroll to bottom of chapter or click here Community Pharmacy Emergency Drugs List & Contact Details

Numbers in brackets indicate counts of (Formulary items, Non Formulary items)
21 Palliative Care Formulary (0,0)
21.01 Symptom Control (0,0)
21.01.01 Analgesics (0,0) Non-opioid analgesics (4,0) Opioid analgesics (14,0) Neuropathic Pain (5,0) Bone pain / Other Pain (8,0)
21.01.02 Antiemetics (8,0)
21.01.03 Antisecretory drugs (2,0)
21.01.04 Anticonvulsants / Anxiolytics (3,0)
21.01.05 Laxatives (4,0)
21.01.06 Miscellaneous or Other (1,0)
21.02 Injectable Drugs including those which may be given by CSI via a Syringe Drivers (0,0)
21.02.01 Analgesic Injectable Drugs (8,0)
21.02.02 Antiemetic Injectable Drugs (7,0)
21.02.03 Antisecretory Injectable Drugs (6,0)
21.02.04 Anticonvulsant / Anxiolytic Injectable Drugs (4,0)
21.03 Just In Case Prescribing Primary Care (8,0)
21.04 Just In Case Prescribing by Secondary Care (0,0)
21.05 Useful contact details (0,0)
21.06 Community Pharmacy Emergency Drugs List & Contact Details (0,0)